Homeplugs, also known as PowerLine adapters, are adapters that plug into your electrical wall socket to create a local area network or LAN using the mains electrical wiring in your home or office, allowing you to extend the network to any room that has a spare power socket. This can be useful for rooms where a Wi-Fi signal can not be detected or devices requiring a wired connection.

Homeplug technology was first introduced in June 2001, providing an alternative to wireless technologies and in most cases providing a more reliable signal at speeds up to 4 times faster than wireless devices.

Homeplugs are not just to connect computers but will also allow other devices, including Games Consoles, TV’s and Set-Top boxes requiring a wired connection but are in different rooms to your router.

Homeplugs come as wired and wireless adapters. If you have wireless enabled devices, in rooms which are out of range of the Wi-Fi signal, you may wish to opt for the Wireless Homeplugs and thus extend your Wireless network range. Wired Homeplugs provide the benefits of speed and reliability with speeds up to 500Mbps. Some Wireless Homeplugs provide the best of both worlds.

Setting up a Homeplug network is very simple. Plug one Homeplug adapter into a mains socket and connect to a router via an Ethernet cable, plug additional Homeplug adapters into a mains socket at other location(s) and connect to a device, such as a computer or games console. Wait a few minutes for the Homeplugs to synchronise and you are connected.

HomePlug Diagram



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